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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Palawan Underground River for New World Seven Wonders of Nature from Puerto Princesa City

Palawan underground River/Cabayugan River located of northwest 81 kilometers from the City of Palawan[Puerto Princesa]. This is the most destination for the tourist in the Philippines which guided by some tour packages local or international travel agencies. A river known as the second largest underground river in the world.

The UNESCO classsified as World Heritage Site because of its limestone karst landscape found around the cave and surrounded by forest of the river and has a unique species for the flora and fauna. Underground River in Palawan was listed for the 8th international votes with 3rd most number for national votes. There are
400 nominees competing of Internet-based voting conducted by Swiss-based organization and there are 1 billion for Internet votes cast.

The Amazon rainforent, Puerto Princesa Underground River of Philippines, Halong Bay of Vietnam, Iguazu Falls of Argentina
were named among World's new seven wonders of nature, from organizers of global poll.

The final results will announced early 2012 according to swiss foundation.

From the 28 official candidates for the New 7 Wonders Of Nature.

1. Amazon Rainforest
2. Angel Falls – Venezuela
3. Bay of Fundy – Canada
4. Black Forest – Germany
5. Bu Tinah Shoals – United Arab Emirates

6. Cliffs of Moher – Ireland
7. Dead Sea
8. El Yunque
9. Galapagos Islands – Ecuador
10.Grand Canyon – United States
11.Great Barrier Reef – Australia
12.Halong Bay – Vietnam
13.Iguazu Falls – Argentina, Brazil
14.Jeita Grotto – Lebanon
15.Jeju Island – South Korea
16.Kilimanjaro – Tanzania
17.Komodo National Park – Indonesia
18.Maldives – Maldives
19.Masurian Lake District – Poland
20.Matterhorn/Cervino – Italy, Switzerland
21.Milford Sound – New Zealand
22.Mud Volcanoes – Azerbaijan
23.Puerto Princesa Underground River – Palawan, Philippines
24.Sundarbans – Bangladesh, India
25.Table Mountain – South Africa
26.Uluru – Australia
27.Vesuvius – Italy
28.Yushan – Republic of China (Taiwan)

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