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Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules
Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Natural way to Reduce Cholesterol

Important to know first if what cholesterol is. A Cholesterol, this is a like wax substance produced form a liver result from a certain foods.

Exact Purpose of Cholesterol
A normal level produced 1,000 of miligrams everday. Cholesterol needs for the liver in order to make Vitamin D, help to develop membranes of the cell and other hormones.

Cholesterol alone cannot travel in the bloodsteam, this must need a protiens to combine. Protiens are the one pick up those cholesterols in order to transport different parts of the body and become now lipoprotein.

A lipoprotein have two types. First a HDL or high-density which is the good cholesterol and LDL or low density the bad cholesterol.

Bad Cholesterol
LDL is a cholesterol that transports from the liver to tissues, but unfortunately, it only build up walls in arteries, narrowing arteries that leads some health problems like heart disease. One reason if there are too much cholesterol in the body a result from not limiting eating foods that have signifant amount of LDL.

Foods high in Bad Cholesterol
- Lean Meat
- Poultry Chicken 
- Bacon
- Egg yolks

note: limit those foods

Good Cholesterol
This will gave a good benefits for health in the body. This is high in protein and low in cholesterol, so it suitable for the exact body needs. It also carry enzymes of antioxidants.

Reduce Cholesterol from Natural Way
Eat foods that are more on fibers. Vegetable and fruits have it, especially eating both vegetables and fruits are good combination to easy eliminate a bad cholesterol from the body. Quit smoking is helpful, it will only
increase cholesterol buildup. Exercise could help the liver to produce more HDL in order to reduce LDL, natural food supplement can be helpful and has no side effects.

Make walnuts and almonds as a snacks because it has properties for lowering level of b-cholesterol. Just change the lifestyle of eating more LDL.

see: food mention above.

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