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Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules
Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scientific Reality on Aging, Why We get Old


There are some changes as each one ages, such decline organ, wrinkles, muscles become weak, bones become fragile, eyesight problem, skin spots and memory loss etc...

Reason behind

This is about the hormonal imbalance, that affect in the body's function. Hypothalamus is a kind of organ that control's for the hormonal system. A small organ Hypothalamus a small size gland in the brain considered as a center of aging process base on the Hormonal Theory of Aging. Another reason is our DNA has a genetic that the genes determine of life span. The life span 30% determined from genes, 70% by lifestyle, how we age depends our genes.

The oxidation of the cells with the other substances has relation of its metabolism. Cholesterol free radical oxidation can result of blocking arteries, it damage to DNA. One common sample is that smokers, alcohol drinkers easy to develop wrinkle faster than the one which not. It's because of the free radicals as destructive molecules make pollutants to the body. There are also free radicals are good to your metabolism like oxygen that life must needed.

Telomeres and aging

A human body have made of cells and every cell has nucleus, in a nucleus there are chromosomes. Telomeres located at the  end of the chromosomes that protects chromosome from fusion to other chromosomes. Every time the cell divide, the telomeres becomes shorter and shorter. That's why a real DNA cannot copied 100%. Each cell can replicate 50 times until the cell ages and no longer replicates and dies.

Researches said that older people have shorter telomeres than younger, over the time tissues damage result on aging. When a cell gets older, it is now vulnerable for oxides and free-radicals and leads to some chronic illness. Each individual survive because each cell have the ability to duplicate and replace. When a cell divide, DNA molecules makes new copy by itself.

But sometimes base from the study a genes of the people live until the age of 100, a research had found their gene variants can help to protect telomeres from age, they have a healthy telomeres that's why they live longer.

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