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Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules
Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Best way to get Slim

Slim Girl Pictures

If you tired enough of thinking how to lose your weight, there is a natural solution a free from chemical. There are millions of people all around the globe having problem with their weight most especially from the women. They spend amount of money in order to lose their weight like buying pills and other undergo for liposuction.

Here are another easy and natural way to lose weight, its needs only a new simple lifestyle.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Much better to reduce eat fats, junk foods, fast foods. Be a vegetarian sometimes if needed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Health benefits from Malunggay/Moringga

In a Tropical country Malunggay grows wildly like in the Philippines, the scientific name is Moringa oleifera. This is very common in the Asian Countries, when it comes to health it gives vitamins in a low-cost.

Plant Moringa are good for Arthritis, cancer, heart and kidney diseases, Arthritis pains because it has medicinal properties. This plant can help to reduce high-blood pressure,headache, Migraines, Maintain sugar level and can detoxify waste from the body.

Malunggay was rich on 7 times Vitamin C of orange, 3 times Potassium of Bananas, 2 times Protein than yugort, 4 times calcium of Milk, 4 times Vitamin A of Carrots.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coconut Oil and Milk for Women's healthy hair from tree of life as Traditional medicine

Coconut considered as Tree of Life, Its used by Asian Populations for dietary oil and even for medicine because it has Healing properties that proven for centuries. Coconut milk derive from the flesh after it grated.

Most for the women, it is good for cool and relaxing of a regular use to make hair more silky and healthy. Every time of applying coconut milk after 30 minutes or hrs wash with the use of natural herbal shampoo. For the Virgin Coconut oil have vitamins that give healthy for woman's scalp, Everyday use will give a better result reducing fungal infections, split-ends and premature graying.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thirty Seconds to Mars Live Concert in Manila on July 29, 2011

A concert live in Manila

30 Seconds to Mars on July 29, 2011

at Trinoma Open Park, Quezon City

Buy the Ticket:

Gold - Standing
Price: P4,212

Silver - Standing
Price: P2,025

Tickets Inquires
Futuretainment Inc.- 577-3265

TicketWorld - 891-9999

SM Tickets - 470-2222


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Friday, July 15, 2011

Students Outside Tacloban City Computer Schools / Colleges

Tacloban is one of the highly urbanized City in the Philippines. There are List of Colleges accredited by TESDA/TECHNICAL Education and Skill Development Authority.

Other Students are from Samar, Towns other part of Leyte outside Tacloban.

Computer Colleges in Highly Urbanized Tacloban City

Asia Pacific Career College
Tacloban City

ACLC AMA Computer Learning Center
MH DEL PILAR ST., Tacloban City, Leyte

DATAMEX Computer College
Corner MH Del Piral St,. Tacloban City Leyte

AMA College
Pawing Palo Leyte, Philippines

STI Tacloban City
Cosmos Bldg., Brgy. 63 Sagkahan District, Tacloban City

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Support Body in the Stressful world / tips for removing stress

Most of us need to work in order to support our daily basic needs such Food, Cloth and Shelter. Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm of the sched. If you’re a government employee, a private has only one day of their day-off, not all.

Base from my observation i noticed most people may not give their body what it needs doing stressful times. There are also people who are very conscious do a way on deleting their stress.

We must always remember that lack of Vitamin and Mineral may lead to deficiencies.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LNHS Leyte National High School HYMN lyrics

Guide of Leytenian culture
Bearing with golden rays
From past to dephs of the future
Far in the distant days

Shining without any barrage
Citadel of wisdom great
Anvil of the moral courage
That has fathered Leyte's glorious fate

Leyte High, Leyte High
Alma Mater ever dear
Our affections ne'er shall die
Be you far or be your near
All our hearts are aglow
With the fire of yearning sigh
And the light of love and care for you
Is forever fadeless Leyte High
Is forever, is forever, ever fadeless
Leyte High!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini-Reunion from Labangon Cebu 2011 of July 9

"Time is companion that stays with us, it reminds us the best time of our life we had, ‘cause it will never come back. But with these reminders it tells us that what we are living behind isn’t that important. Important is the time we are living in. While thinking a lot about what's past, Don't mess your today, and keep yourself ready for future."

quotes credits from:

Day time after arrival

With Uncle Pat Nacario on the go with his sister Lyla and beautiful daughter Jazzel

Pat with other relatives

Cheers with a good wine

Pat's wife with relatives

Eating time!!, my favorite subject on the move

another cheers!

Uncle Intoy Runa was playing piano from Calubian Leyte

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Miss Leyte Pintados 2011

Last midnight of June 25 from Leyte National High School Auditorium. Miss Charmaine Lynn B. Tan a college student at the University of the Philippines Tacloban Campus crowed as Miss Leyte Pintados, Miss Karen Keith Go, a 5’7’’ tall high from Sacred Heart College crowned as Miss Teen Pintados.

Miss Tan bested ten other candidates to win the crown and earn other minor awards like Ms. Congeniality, Ms. Ever Billena, Best in Long Gown and Most Popular Facebook choice.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Leyte Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Tacloban City 2011

List of Winners for Pintados Kasadyaan Festival 2011

Pintados Category:
First Place – Tribu Mangarisda
Second Place – Tribu Kasaragyan
Third Place – Tribu Bangkawanon

Kasadyaan Festival for 2011
Best for Festival Music (P100,000)- Karatong Festival, Dulag

From 4th to 10th place have 50,000 each

First Place

Lingganay Festival, Alang-Alang

Second Place

Karatong Festival, Dulag

Third Place

Pamilipig Festival, Santa Fe

Fourth Place
Viajedores Festival, La Paz

Tulo-Usa Festival, Tolosa
Bato Balani Festival, Bato

Lubi-Lubi Festival, Calubian

Tamyuk Festival, Tunga

Tambula Festival, Babatngon

10th Lantawan Festival, Capoocan

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