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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time Travel/Time machine without violating physics is it possible?


From the old days people fascinating about time travel, they asked themselves if a man could possible go from one point
of time to another point of time past/future.

There are number of folk tales and myths related of traveling time. Those sample such:
  1. Like the Hindu mythology, base from Mahabharatha, a story of King Revaita, go to heaven just to meet the
    supreme creator Brahma, there in Heaven King Revaita when he returned to earth, he discover that many years had passed.

  2. The young Urashima Taro fisherman go to the undersea palace and stays about 3 days. Then when after return to his village, He was traveled already 300 years passed into the future. The house ruined, saw that his family were all long dead base from Japanese tale of "Urashima TarĊ”.

  3. Honi HaM'agel sleep for 70 years, describes that when he woke up, only to found out that the grandchildren are all
    grandparents of the present day, all his friends and family were all long deceased. Story from Talmud with the story of Honi HaM'agel.

How did it start in the new age?

It start from by H.G. Wells novel, About the tale of a Victorian gentlemen traveled through time using time machine from his invention, that this guy needed to be both smart and resourceful in order to survive into the future. Because of this, it capture's the peoples mind and become common.

A novel was finally published in Spain in 1887, The HG Wells 'The Time Machine and print for more than seven years.
The main character story of time machine was very interesting.

Is there closer to science without violating relativity?
Mr. Albert Einstein(1879-1955), A Jewish physicist who discovers Theory of Relativity. According to his theory, a universe we living have 4 dimensions, first three that we know is the space, and the fourth being a spacetime.
A time and space are link with each other. The theory from the relativity stated that an object will move slower and shorten in length from the point of view of an observer on Earth Einstein's equation base from E=mc2, reveals the mass equivalence and energy. Time is dependent on space.

Gravitational Time Dilation, If the object is moving to fast, then its make's time slower. There are some experiment made by some scientist that time dilation’s can do really exist of how time slows down. For example, Trying to start two watches with at the same time, take the second watch for a drive, and leave the first watch in a the table of your home, then driving a car now at the speed of 54 miles per hour, and back to home after driving a car, the watch placed side by side it noticed that the second clock that was previously place in the car was almost 2 seconds slower. In this experiment it cause time dilation but it's only minimal.

See related YouTube links of time dilation:

Base from scientist experimentation’s of time dilation, you could only possible travel into the future if you travels in space at the speed of light a radius of a billion light years, in fact light year means light travel in one year, example if you travel one year in space then possible 20 or 30 years passed when return to earth.

But on the other side it's sad to say that far of our human understanding, no one even the brilliant inventors and scientist could make traveling space-ship have a speed of light, no one. So it still impossible.


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