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Friday, November 11, 2011

Near Death Experience (NDE)

What is NDE:

Definition: An expericence of being, or believing oneself to be clinically dead then returning to life.

There are some stories from people that have personal experiences for near death experience of almost dying or (NDE). In the earliest days the account recorded from Plato's The Republic(10.614-10.621). Base on the story Plato the great philosopher had describes a mythical soldier, telling of his near-death experience about an afterlife and reincarnation.

Many beleived that NDE as the bridge from present life, to other life after death and cannot be explained by physiologogical or psychological causes. There are some people experienced NDE and clinically no vital signs of life.

NDE Experience by Jeaneette Atkinsone from Eastbourne, she says "There is no doubt in my mind that there’s life after death because I’ve seen the other side. I don’t believe in a benevolent God. I’ve seen too much suffering for that but I’m very spiritual." A recent study by Dr. Sam Parnia, shows that such patients are "effectively dead", with their brains shut down and no thoughts or feelings possible for the complex brainactivity required for dreaming or hallucinating; additionally, to rule out the possibility that near-death experiences resulted from hallucinations after the brain had collapsed through lack of oxygen, Parnia rigorously monitored the concentrations of the vital gas in the patients’ blood, and found that none of those who underwent the experiences had low levels of oxygen. He was also able to rule out claims that unusual combinations of drugs were to blame because the resuscitation procedure was the same in every case, regardless of whether they had a near-death experience or not. According to Parnia, "Arch sceptics will always attack our work. I’m content with that. That’s how science progresses. What is clear is that something profound is happening. The mind – the thing that is ‘you’ – your ‘soul’ if you will - carries on after conventional science says it should have drifted into nothingness."

More information: see Wikipedia

Jeaneette Atkinsone is one from the many have NDE. Here are the other NDE'S Categorize in the list experiences.
  • A sense/awareness of being dead
  • A sense of peace, well-being and painlessness. Positive emotions. A feeling of being removed from the world.
  • An out-of-body experience
  • A tunnel/room with the presence of light
  • A rapid movement toward and/or sudden immersion in a powerful light. Communication with the light.
  • An intense feeling of unconditional love.
  • Encountering "Beings of Light", "Beings dressed in white", or other spiritual beings. Also, the possibility of being reunited with deceased loved ones.
  • Being given a life review.
  • Being given a life preview
  • Being presented with knowledge about one's life and the nature of the universe.
  • A decision by oneself or others to return to one's body, often accompanied by a reluctance to return.
  • Approaching a border.
  • The notice of a very unpleasant sound or noise.

Common NDE
Whatever their religious faith most of all NDE/Near Death Experience, have thesame stories like out of the body experiences, spiritual awakening, and movement toward the light.

Dr. Gregory Shushan, Study for life after death beliefs from Ancient Civilizations
Sumerian, Old Babylonian, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, pre-Buddhist China, and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
In fact, each civilization had different cultures, but each author of the ancient religious texts are similar to NDE. Near Death Experience support's Religious and Physiological so the phenomenon is universal.

NDE's Phenomenon to science
This is difficult challenge that scientist are hardly to provide the real explaination of NDE, the only valid to provide argument are only hallucination.

Quest of science added called quantum physics to help people understand what's happening for the mystical experience.

"Einstein felt that energy was the root principle of the universe and everything else manifested from that. But there are some paradoxes that cannot be explained if this is true."

"They can be explained if you make intelligent consciousness the root principle from which matter and energy manifest, as a few people in the forefront of quantum physics now hypothesize."

"This is exactly compatible with what yogis and mystics have been saying for thousands of years and it's compatible with all the great spiritual traditions which have said there is a super-intelligent consciousness behind the universe.'

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