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Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules
Philippine Airlines International Flight schedules

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sangyaw Festival 2012 Schedule of Activities TENTATIVE

Passed Activities

June 1 Friday
                     Sangyaw Ultimate Fribee Tournament - Patio Victoria - Ms. Tacloban 2012
                     Talent Competition - Robinsons Place

June 2 Saturday
                     Ms. Tacloban 2012 Terno Competition - Robinsons Place
                     Musikajam - Tacloban Astrodome

June 10 Sunday
                    Live Telecast Pacquiaw vs. Bradley Fight - Tacloban Astrodome

June 12 Tuesday
                    Musika Inspirascion - Robinsons Activity Center

Upcoming Events 

June 15 - 16 Friday Saturday
                   3rd Alfred S. Romualdez Golf Tournament - San Juanico Golf and Country

June 16 Saturday
                   Search for Mr. & Ms. Sanyaw 2012 - Robinsons Place
                   (National Open Body Building Competition)

June 18 Monday

                  Pre-Balyuan Rites - Basey, Samar

June 19 Tuesday

                   PaSangyaw - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 20 Wednesday

                   Balyuan Rites - Balyuan Amphitheater
                   Just For One Dance Regional Competition - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 21 - June 24 Thursday - Sunday

                   2nd National Jetski Competition - Balyuan Grounds/Amphitheater

June 21 Thursday

                   Sameleyaw Dance Recital - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 22 Friday

                   Marivic Amor Ballet Recital - Balyuan Amphitheater
                   Pahambugan Hip-hop Competition - Tacloban Astrodome

June 23 Saturday

                   Peter Pan Stage Play - Balyuan Amphitheater
                   Dalagan Tacloban Night Run2 - Tacloban City Downtown Area
                   Awarding 2nd National Jetski Competition - Balyuan Grounds / Aphitheater

June 24 Sunday

                   Parumba 2012 Pedicab Race - Tacloban City Downtown Area
                   Tacloban Varity Show - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 25 Monday

                   Ms. Tacloban 2012 - Taclobann Astrodome
                   Teacher-Teacher Musicale - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 26 Tuesday

                   Sangyaw Awards - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 27 Wedsnesday

                   Bombo Torotot Parada - Balyuan Amphitheater
                   Balik - Tacloban Night - Pation Victoria

June 28 Thursday

                   Lion King Stage Play - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 29 Friday

                   Sangyaw Parade of Lights - Parade around the City
                   Sangyaw Festival Show - Balyuan Amphitheater

June 30 Saturday

                   Sto. Nino Land and Fluvial Procession - Tacloban City Downtown Area
                   Youth Jam - Balyuan Amphitheater

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